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Awesome Reach LinkedIn's algorithm promotes content creators instead of publishes them like on Facebook or Instagram. Active Userbase LinkedIn has more active users than Twitter! Over 130 million Americans have a LinkedIn account. 70% of LinkedIn users are outside U.S too. Curate Your Leads LinkedIn was built to curate leads, warm them with content, and get them lining up to get into your funnel. Find Opportunities From speaking engagements to venture funding, you can find endless business opportunities on LinkedIn.

Meet Sami

Sami Gardner, here, I am a LinkedIn Specialist, Career Coach, former Librarian, and current World Traveler.  

I believe that you can be uniquely professional and still be uniquely you!  

I have been on Team LinkedIn since I started career coaching years ago because I made it work for my clients. Then I made it work for my business.  

I have gotten speaking opportunities, grown my visibility, and connected to clients through growing my network and posting valuable content.  

I have taught both job seekers and entrepreneurs how to get noticed by the right people on LinkedIn and I can teach you too! 


Sami Gardner • LinkedIn Marketing Consultant • Linked Mastery